The Palace - A Stop-Motion Animation

The world is crumbling. Trapped and alone, high up in a dilapidated office building, a small boy must escape by any means if he is to survive. ‘The Palace’ is a film about loss, fear, survival and hope in a dark and foreboding world.


John Eyre & Robin Heap / Co-Writer, Co-Director & Co-Animator

Credits and Rolls

Writer, Director, Animator, Editor, Visual Effects, Colour Grader and Producer.


John Eyre and Robin Heap have collaborated for many years. The Palace, produced entirely independently, represents their debut stop-motion animation as a duo.  The production has been a labour of love that has seen the filmmakers undertaking everything from writing, design and model-making to direction, animation and post-production, meticulously creating every detail of the final film.  With no budget, using recycled and found materials, the pair improvised and developed the world of The Palace.



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